Model Photography

We help models showcase their beauty and confidence so that they have a professional portfolio to submit to talent agencies while enjoying an engaging and fun photography session. We only work with models who are fun, have a great attitude, are prompt, and who have a love for creating artistic and memorable imagery.

Commercial Fashion Photography

We help fashion designers and boutiques market their brand and products so that they can reach a larger audience, increase their revenue and grow beyond what they thought was possible. We only work with fashion designers and boutiques that are engaging, enthusiastic, bring creative ideas to the table, and are likewise receptive to creative input.


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There Are No Such Things as “Portrait” and “Zoom” Lenses

There Are No Such Things As “Portrait” and “Zoom” Lenses”Whaaaat?! You’re crazy!” is the usual reaction from fellow photographers when you tell them that there are no such things as […]

What the F-stop is an F-stop?

What the F-stop is an F-stop?We’ve talked about f-stops in prior posts, but really, what the f-stop is an f-stop? F-stop numbers, such as f/1.4 or f/16, are determined by […]

What the F-stop Is Photography? (Part 6)

What the F-stop Is Photography? (Part 6)So, how do I approach photography? https://i.imgflip.com/215bc9.jpg Well, for most situations, I approach a scene with aperture as my primary thought. For example, with […]

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